All users are accepted to have read and agreed to the sales agreement after completing the membership procedures.

Sales Agreement is an Online Sales Agreement between Atlas Antik – ABDÜLKADİR KILINÇ and Customer.

Item – 1 

The subject of this agreement covers the rights and obligations of the parties related with the sale and delivery to the buyer of the product with the below specifications and sales price pursuant to the terms specified in the Law on the Protection of Consumers numbered 4077 and Basis and Procedures for the Implementation of Distance Agreements. 





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All members: Buyers who sign up as members to and shop from, e-commerce website of ABDÜLKADİR KILINÇ Company. (Hereinafter referred to as buyer or customer).

Item – 4 

 AGREEMENT SUBJECT AND PRODUCT INFORMATION: The Type, Amount, Brand/Model, Color, Quantity, Sales Price and Payment Type for the Goods/Products or Service are as indicated in the website and these commitments are subject to change without notice.


5.1 – The BUYER declares that he/she has read and approved the basic specifications, sales price, payment type and delivery for the agreement products.

5.2 – The agreement product is delivered to the buyer or the person/institution at the address specified by the user within the previously declared period of time subject to the distance of the address of the user for each product under the condition that the legally allowed period of 30 days is not exceeded as indicated in the preliminary information.    

5.3 – If the agreement product is to be delivered to a person or institution other than the buyer, the Seller cannot be held responsible if the person or institution does not accept delivery.

5.4  The Seller is responsible from delivering the agreement product in full working order in accordance with the specifications indicated in the order and including the warranty documents and user guideline documentation if any. 

5.5 – It is required for the delivery of the agreement product that the agreement has been approved online and that the sales price payment has been made with the payment type preferred by the buyer. The Seller is released from the obligations to deliver the product in case the product payment is not made for some reason or if the payment is cancelled in the bank records.

5.6 – In case the product price cannot be paid to the Seller by the related bank or financial institution due to illegal use of the credit card of the Buyer by third parties without any wrongdoing on the part of the Buyer, the Buyer is obliged to ship back the product to the Seller within 3 working days delivered. All delivery costs shall be paid by the Buyer in such cases.

5.7 – The Seller is obliged to inform the Buyer in case the agreement product cannot be delivered on time due to exceptional circumstances such as adverse weather conditions or blocked traffic. In such cases, the buyer may use either one of his/her rights to cancel the order, replace the product with its equal and/or the postponement of the delivery until the impeding conditions is overcome. In case the Buyer cancels the order, the Seller applies to the bank within a period of 7 days for the cancellation of the credit card slip and the redepositing of the related amount to the bank account of the user and the Buyer is informed via e-mail on all related transactions carried out. In such cases, the Seller cannot be held responsible from delays related with the bank.

5.8 – In case a defective or broken product is delivered to the Buyer and/or the people and/or institutions to which delivery was requested by the Buyer, the related product or products are delivered back to the Seller by the Buyer within a period of 7 days starting from the date of delivery to the Buyer and all transportation expenses are paid by the Buyer. In such cases, the Buyer has to take the purchased product to the related service unit if the 7 day period has been exceeded.

5.9 – This hereby agreement enters into force after it is electronically approved by the buyer (after membership sign-up has been completed).

5.10 – The products are assumed to have been accepted as indicated in the product visuals and descriptions.

5.11 – Mechanical products do not come with a warranty for being operational.

5.12 – The shipping responsibility of fragile products is on the Buyer.

Item – 6 RIGHT OF WITHDRAWAL: The Buyer has a right of withdrawal for a period of fourteen (14) days starting from the delivery of the agreement product to him/her or the person/institution specified in the order. The Seller has to be informed during this period via fax or e-mail in order for the right of withdrawal to be used and the product should not be used and the product packaging should be undamaged in accordance with the provisions of item 7. A copy of the cargo delivery record indicating that the product has been delivered to a 3rd party or the Buyer along with the original sales invoice for the product should also be delivered in case this right is to be used. The Seller starts the procedures for the reimbursement of the product price to the credit card account of the Buyer within 14 days after receiving these documents. The Seller cannot be held responsible from any bank related issues with regard to the reimbursement of the product price. Value added tax and other legal obligations if any are not reimbursed if the original sales invoice is not returned. The cargo delivery price for the product returned within the scope of the right of withdrawal will be paid by the Buyer. Moreover, right of withdrawal cannot be exercised for products that cannot be returned, single-use products, easily perishable products or expired products.

Item – 7 AUTHORIZED COURTS:  CONSUMER COURTS at the residence address of the Buyer or the Seller along with the Committees for Consumer Problems appointed by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce for up to previously declared values are authorized for the implementation of this agreement. The Buyer is assumed to have accepted all provisions of this agreement when the order is electronically approved.


You can read the detailed statement of …………………………………….. regarding LPPD (Law on Protection of Personal Data) by clicking on this link.